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Ganglia 3.1.0 (Amelia) Released

The Ganglia Project ( is pleased to announce the first
official release of Ganglia 3.1.0 The official tarball is available for
immediate download at:

Please refer to
for more information.

(There is a known bug with 3.1.0 gmetad aggregating XML data from another 3.1.0 gmetad — if your environment requires this feature, wait for 3.1.1 to be released. Alternatively, a patch has been developed and is available here)

The main features of this release are:

  • Introduction of a modular metric interface for C and Python (DSO support)
  • Scriptable metric module support with Python
  • All pre-existing metrics (CPU, network, disk, memory, etc.) converted to metric modules
  • Introduction of new metric modules multicpu, multidisk and tcp_conn status
  • Modular frontend graph support
  • Metric groups which can be viewed or hidden as desired
  • Additional scaling capacity for systems with memory greater than 4TB
  • Platform support for DragonFlyBSD
  • Improved native metric support for Windows (Built with CygWin)
  • Bug fixes and Enhancements

Supported platforms:

  • Linux (Fedora/RedHat/CentOS, Debian, Gentoo, SuSE/OpenSuSE)
  • [Open]Solaris
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • OpenBSD
  • DragonflyBSD
  • Cygwin (no support for DSO yet)
  • AIX (no support for DSO yet)

Please read all the README, INSTALL and other available documentation
( as a lot of things have changed since
3.0.7. Use good deployment practices when upgrading from 3.0.x to make sure
that you do not mix gmond 3.0 and 3.1 nodes in the same cluster (as defined
by a multicast address or unicast collector node). The protocol that
allows gmond nodes to communicate within the same cluster, has changed.
However the XML packets that are passed between gmond and gmetad have
remained compatible from 3.0.x to 3.1.x, allowing a 3.0.x gmetad to continue
to pull data from a newer 3.1.x gmond cluster.

For those who are interested in upgrading from a 3.0.x installation, your
current gmond and gmetad configuration files will need to be moved from their
current location to /etc/ganglia. If you are attempting the upgrade via an
RPM, the RPM will automatically move your current configuration file to the
new location. However, for gmond, the 3.0.x conf file will not work. Please
use the patch file gmond-3.1.patch available at to patch your gmond.conf prior to
starting, otherwise gmond will fail to startup.

There are several known issues with the current release which include the

  • no support for C++ to create DSO modules
  • no spoofing from modular metrics (use gmetric if spoofing is needed)
  • race condition for tcpconn python metric module (affects gmond -m)
  • libdir issues related to building for 64bit platforms
  • known build issues for platforms:
    • Darwin (AKA MacOS/X)
    • HPUX
    • Tru64 (AKA OSF/1)
    • Irix

Many of the above issues are being addressed and patches will be applied for
the next minor release of Ganglia 3.1.x. In addition more information about
the current official release, can be found on the Ganglia wiki at

Ganglia Development Team


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