Ganglia has a large community of users you can draw on for support. This page should get you on your way to solving whatever issue you might be facing.

If you are a new user, deploying ganglia for the first time, take a look at the ganglia Wiki page.

You can chat with other ganglia users and developers on IRC channel #ganglia on freenode.

There are also a number of mailing lists which capture community knowledge dating back to 2000. All ganglia mailing lists are open for anyone to join but non-members cannot post to our lists to prevent SPAM.

List Purpose
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All new ganglia releases are announced on this list.
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This list is for people who ganglia to exchange ideas, questions and comments about ganglia
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This list is for the people who develop code for ganglia to stay in sync as a team.

If mailing lists are not your thing, we also have an online Web Forum for you to post questions and search for answers.

Please use GitHub Issues for the Ganglia project at to report bugs and submit patches. Please navigate to the most relevant sub-project page to submit your issues.