The Ganglia Project was started in 2001 by Matt Massie while he was working at the University of California, Berkeley. The project has had a lot of contributors throughout the years and this is just a simple page showing appreciation to past and present contributors. If you have contributed to the project but are not listed here, please send us an email at or Twitter @gangliainfo.

Thank you for your contributions!

Current Developers

Jesse Becker
Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belon
Nicolas Brousse
Kostas Georgiou
Bernard Li
Matt Massie
Neil McKee
Brad Nicholes
Daniel Pocock
Vladimir Vuksan

Past Developers

Brent Chun
Ian Cunningham
Brooks Davis
Erich Focht
Mason Katz
Martin Knoblauch
Paul Millar
Federico Sacerdoti
Doc Schneider
Preston Smith
Neil T. Spring
Steve Wagner
Timothy Witham


Adeyemi Adesanya
Martin Ball
Ramon Bastiaans
Mathew Benson
Greg Bruno
Tim Cera
Eric Fraser
Mike Howard
Erik Kastner
Jeff Layton
Michael Perzl
Gilad Raphaelli
Jason Smith
Bas van der Vlies
Jamie Isaacs