Adding trendline to your graphs

As part of our upcoming release of Ganglia 3.3.2 you will have the ability to add a trend line to any host metric. Let’s say you wanted to know when you will need to add more disk space to a  particular machine.

Disk space trend with 3 months of data

We are “safe” for about a year. Or let’s say you wanted to see how your web server 90th percentile has trended.

90th percentile Apache time using last 6 months of data

This takes calculates trend based on last six month of data (which is a default). That looks pretty good however let’s see how it looks if we take 12 months of data

90thpercentile Apache time with 12 month trend

Not so good. Trending interface has easy controls that allow you to easily change how far to extend the trend line and how far back to go



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