2.5.6 Released!

The Ganglia Development Team is please to announce the release of ganglia 2.5.6.

To download this new release, please visit the ganglia download page.

Changes (see ChangeLog for details):

* The host dmax attribute is now honored allowing you to specify a timeout for dead nodes. See the host_dmax attribute in ./gmond/gmond.conf for details. [Federico Sacerdoti]
* Ganglia will now compile on 64-bit versions of FreeBSD [Brooks Davis]
* A bug has been fixed which caused nodes to falsely be marked as dead because of bogus TN attribute values. [Matt Massie]
* An RPM dependency on librrd has been removed making installation and maintenance simpler. [Matt Massie]

Thank you for using Ganglia!
-The Ganglia Development Team

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