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Ganglia BoF at LISA ‘10

We will be having a BoF (Birds of Feather Session) at LISA ‘10 this year to be held in San Jose, California, USA. Details here:

Even if you have no plans of attending the conference but are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, you can sign up for a free Exhibits-Only Pass to get access to the BoF. Sign up link here:

Hope to see you there!

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Got Tweets?

Did you know that we are on Twitter? Follow us @gangliainfo here: If you have something interesting to say about Ganglia, use the hashtag #Ganglia (be nice, we are sharing this with the Biology folks) and we just might re-tweet it! Twitter feed is also available in this webpage on the right hand side (although re-tweets are hidden in this view).

Happy Twittering/Tweeting!

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Ganglia Web Forum

Traditionally, support/development discussions for the Ganglia project happen in our various mailing-lists. However, some users may find web forums easier to use and dig through and that’s why we have created one for the project at

Special thanks to Ganglia user Martin Ball for hosting the forum.

Note, this does not mean we’re doing away with the mailing-lists as I would imagine most discussions will still happen there, but just trying to provide alternative ways for users to get help.

And FYI, the mailing-lists are archived at Mail Archive and Gmane.

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