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The Ganglia Meta Daemon v0.1.0 is Released!

The Ganglia Meta Daemon (gmetad) allows you to merge data from seperate gmond processes together into a single meta-cluster image. All data is stored in RRD and XML format for client applications to browse. The PHP frontend is being developed now and will be released in the coming week(s).

A bug fix for the monitoring core has also been released. Version 2.4.0 of the monitoring core occasionally would consider a node dead even though it wasn’t but this was fixed in 2.4.1.

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version 2.4.0 of the monitoring core is released!

2002-05-13 Matt Massie
Changed pre_process_node() gethostbyaddr() error reporting to be more sane for environments with nameservice problems
Updated listen.c to prevent out-of-range multicasted key values from crashing gmond in debug mode
2002-05-06 Matt Massie
Added an explicit heartbeat metric to gmond along with a GMOND_STARTED HOST attribute which removes the need for a 90 second delay in gmond restarts
Updated linux.c to correctly support the ia64 architecture
2002-05-01 Matt Massie
Gmond now has a configuration file for its configuration instead of passing commandline arguments
2002-04-26 Asaph Zemach
Completely rewrote ./gmond/machines/linux.c to be much more efficient by removing the need for 2 threads and pthread mutexes.
2002-04-26 Matt Massie
Modified net.c setsockopt() functions to be more portable

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64bit clean execution environment available

version 0.2.1/0.3.4 of the execution environment is released and runs on Linux ia64 platform

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