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ganglia execution environment released!

As promised, the ganglia execution environment has been released! The execution environment requires at least version 2.3.0 of the ganglia monitoring core be installed. The Ganglia Documentation has been updated to include all the information you need to know about installing and using the executiong components.

There have been a number of changes to the monitoring core:

2002-04-19 Matt Massie
Fixed a bug in the .spec file where upgrades failed if gmond was not up
Updated autoconf to correctly configure ia64 machines

2002-04-18 Matt Massie
Enabled setsockopt SO_REUSEADDR for the mcast_join socket in order allow multiple instances of gmond to listen to the same multicast channel

2002-04-17 Matt Massie
Added the –list and –single_line option to gstat for output flexibility

2002-04-17 Alan Hagge
Added preliminary support for IRIX

2002-04-16 Matt Massie
Added the gexec metric in preparation for the release of gexec
Updated the gexec_cluster() function in libganglia to pull in more data from the XML and handle unresolved names and names without domains correctly
Updated gstat to print the updated information from gexec_cluster()
Added a –no_gexec flag to gmond for hosts that are not part of the computation cluster (file servers, frontends, etc)
Added a –all_trusted flag where gmond sees ALL hosts as trusted as suggested by Martin Knoblauch
Removed goto statement in pre_process_node() function to avoid rare looping bug thanks to feedback from Mike Snitzer

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monitoring core v2.2.3 released!

  • Preston Smith added AIX support
  • Fixed a bug in the barrier code used in gmond
  • Fixed mcast_connect() on non-Linux systems related to the IP_MULTICAST_TTL option
  • Added the –no_setuid and –setuid flags to provide more euid flexibility

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Monitoring Core v2.2.2 Released!

2002-04-04 Dave Wallace

  • Fixed a bug in gmond which caused big-endian architectures to incorrectly store multicast data and therefore misreport on the XML port. Solaris and Alpha/Linux users should be happy to here that news!
  • Added a key value check of the XDR multicast data in ./gmond/listen.c

2002-04-04 Matt Massie

  • Updated ./lib/gexec_func.c gexec_cluster() function to handle hosts with no domainname correctly as pointed out by David Wallace
  • Updated the program commandline options to obey the GNU Coding Standard
  • Added a –debug_level parameter to gmond to allow debugging the daemon without recompiling the daemon
  • Updated the –trusted_host option to allow multiple instances of the option
  • Added a –mcast_ttl gmond option to allow you to modify the Time-To-Live (TTL) of the outgoing multicast messages

2002-04-02 Neil Spring

  • Updated the gmond Makefile to cleanup the machine.c link on “make clean”

2002-04-02 Doc Schneider

  • Update the way the number of CPUs are collected in order to workaround a bug on AMD-based systems.

2002-03-26 Matt Massie

  • Removed the use of streams (via fdopen) on the XML socket and replaced it with write()s on the socket descriptor to work around Linux bug under high-stress conditions

2002-03-25 Matt Massie

  • Added thread barriers to gmond initialization to ensure listening threads exist before the threads which multicast are created

2002-03-24 Matt Massie

  • Use XML_ParseBuffer() in gexec_cluster() in order to avoid double copying of buffers (XML input from gmond). Faster.

2002-03-22 Matt Massie

  • Updated gexec_cluster_free() to ensure no memory leaks even when cluster.num_nodes and cluster.num_dead_nodes equals zero
  • Used setvbuf to ensure the gmond and libganglia are using line buffering

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