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Ganglia Web 3.5.7 released

Ganglia Web 3.5.7 has been released. Previous version (3.5.6) omitted key files from packaging. This version corrects it

Download the release from

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Ganglia Web 3.5.6 released

Ganglia Web 3.5.6 has been released. Major changes are

  • Number of fixes to address XSS (Cross Site Scripting) issues
  • Enhancement to the host view if use option “metric_groups_initially_collapsed”. Clicking on metric groups dynamically loads images instead of reloading the page
  • Incorporate legend in the selection when doing Inspect graph

If you are using Ganglia Web on a publicly available site you are advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

Release notes can be found here

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Ganglia 3.5.0 released

Ganglia dev team is happy to announce release of Ganglia 3.5.0. Key features in this release are

  • gmond uses a separate thread to service gmetad requests. This should improve performance
  • Updates to a number of core Python collection modules

You can download the latest release from

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Ganglia Web 3.5.2 released

Ganglia Web 3.5.2 has been released. Major changes are

  • Fix for stacked graphs not showing after upgrading to 3.5.1
  • Inspect graph now uses AJAX calls to retrieve data which should help in situations where users use Basic authentication

You can find release notes here

Download the release from

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Ganglia Web 3.5.1 Release – Security Advisory

There is a security issue in Ganglia Web going back to at least 3.1.7 which can lead to arbitrary script being executed with web user privileges possibly leading to a machine compromise. Issue has been fixed in the latest version of Ganglia Web which can be downloaded from

If you are running Ganglia Web open on the internet you are advised to upgrade ASAP or at a minimum password protect access to Ganglia Web.

We’ll have a write up about details of the vulnerability in few days.

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Adding trendline to your graphs

As part of our upcoming release of Ganglia 3.3.2 you will have the ability to add a trend line to any host metric. Let’s say you wanted to know when you will need to add more disk space to a  particular machine.

Disk space trend with 3 months of data

We are “safe” for about a year. Or let’s say you wanted to see how your web server 90th percentile has trended.

90th percentile Apache time using last 6 months of data

This takes calculates trend based on last six month of data (which is a default). That looks pretty good however let’s see how it looks if we take 12 months of data

90thpercentile Apache time with 12 month trend

Not so good. Trending interface has easy controls that allow you to easily change how far to extend the trend line and how far back to go



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Ganglia 3.3.1 released

We are happy to announce release of Ganglia 3.3.1. This release provides several enhancements to our web frontend as well as additional capabilities for exporting data to Graphite.

Please refer to our release note. You can download the latest release at SourceForge.

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Ganglia 3.3.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of Ganglia 3.3.0. Highlights of this release are

  • Ganglia Monitor Core is now shipped with our second generation Ganglia Web UI.
  • Gmetad Daemon now supports sending metrics to Graphite (carbon)
  • sFlow supports additional metric sources such as JMX, memcache, Apache
  • Gmond now comes bundled with a number of additional metrics e.g. disk statistics, network interface utilization etc.

Full Release notes can be found on Github.

You can download the release from SourceForge.

Please report any issues with the release to our GitHub issue tracker.

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Putting metrics data on a common “bus”

Patrick Debois has kicked of an interesting set of projects to put metric  information on a common “bus”. For example he has implemented a ruby based daemon that  parses Ganglia gmond packets and puts them on a ZeroMQ pub/sub bus. Once it’s there you can “subscribe” with a client of your choice and do transforms to the data e.g.

  • feed graphite or another monitoring tool
  • insert data into a SQL database
  • feed Nagios using passive checks

Thanks to Patrick for a great idea and implementation. Now let’s get to work on useful subscribers.



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Ganglia Web 2.2.0 released

Today we released version 2.2.0 of the Ganglia Web interface. New features present in this release are described in our “Upcoming Web Features post“.

Release can be downloaded from

If you need help installation guide is here.

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